alarMob – Anti-theft alarm

Key features of alarMob – Anti-theft alarm:

SMS remote:
You can find your lost phone by sending SMS text to your phone with the text “alarmob alarm”. Please check more commands inside the App.

Camera, capture the spy or thief:
One of the main keys of alarMob is that if somebody attempts to steal or spy on you, a photo of them will be taken with your facing camera when they put the incorrect password or try to put the volume down when they realize that you have a very loud alarm on and very bright flashing lights. The photo will be saved into your gallery, in your history of alarMob and automatically will be sent to your chosen email address.

Note: As the photo will be taken without the spy/thief knowing, we will need your permission to use the camera.

Motion detector:
When the Motion feature is on, the alarm will be triggered if somebody tries to move your device, you can also use this feature to protect all your valuable belongings (i.e laptops), by placing the device on top of them.