Best File Recovery for Pc

Hai friends, in this post i am going to introduce a good File recovery software for your computer. Now dont worry about deleted files like images,videos,text files etc. Just use the softwares which i am going to introduce on your pc. then you will be able to recover deleted files. the softwares are very simple and efficient. You can also recover damaged files. Your files will be deleted in many ways like, if you clean your recycle bin, your all files will be lost, then while disk formatting etc. It is for windows and linux and many keyboard shortcuts are added for better use. File recovery softwares are useful now a days. in olden days there were no any recovery softwares and we lost our files forever. but today we have many apps and softwares for recovery. here i have given the links for downloading the softwares and keys.

Active@ file recovery 15.5 latest version

Download 678.MB

Download license key

Active file recovery Pro

Download 11.MB

Download license key

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